Greenhouse Plans

A small greenhouse or greenhouse shed erected in your backyard will provide vegetables and flowers even in the winter months.

Choose from greenhouse plans that are a shed-type building with large windows or a build a regular greenhouse.

Be sure to plan your greenhouse site away from overhanging trees. Choose a site that will get the most winter sunlight.


Go Green Go Green tip:

Rainwater Harvesting is not only a great way to add more "greenness" to your greenhouse, but it will reduce your monthly water bill as well. Build It Green says rainwater harvesting is as simple as placing a barrel under a shortened downspout.

Build Your Own Greenhouse

Build a Greenhouse

UV resistant plastic over a wooden frame makes up this backyard greenhouse.



Solar Greenhouse Plans

Redwood Greenhouse Plan

Build a great looking and long lasting greenhouse using glass, redwood and this easy to follow plan.



A Victorian style Greenhouse

The Grand Victorian

Greenhouse plans for a beautiful Victorian style greenhouse with a centered main room, plus two side rooms.



How to Build Your Own Greenhouse

Carport Greenhouse

Just by covering a portable carport frame with clear plastic and a few twicks here and there you have yourself a greenhouse.



How to Build a PVC Hoophouse

PVC House

PVC pipe connected to stakes that have been driven into the ground, then covered in plastic makes a simple home for plants.



How to Build a Greenhouse

Backyard Greenhouse

Plans for a greenhouse built from rough timber and polythene film, plus tips on where to place your greenhouse and more.



Flat Roof Greenhouse

Flat-Top Greenhouse

This flat-top greenhouse doubles as a storage shed on one side and the greenhouse on the other.



Greenhouse Project

Attached Greenhouse

Here is a greenhouse that is designed to be build against an existing structure, such as a home or garage.



How to Build a Cheap and Easy Greenhouse

Easy Greenhouse

This plan has detailed instructions for a greenhouse built using rebar, PVC pipe and clear plastic.



PVC Pipe Greenhouse Plan

Another PVC Greenhouse

Building this light weight greenhouse is as easy as connecting PVC pipe and following a few simple diagrams.



Inexpensive Greenhouse

Go Green Go Greenhouse!

Enjoy building your very own backyard greenhouse just by following a few simple step by step instructions.



Add-on Greenhouse

The Greenhouse Room

You don't even have to leave the indoors when stepping into a greenhouse that is an addition to your existing home.




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Free Shed Plans

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  • - Has side and rear windows for natural lighting
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  • - Optional wood ramp helps in moving lawn mowers

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