Build a Pole Barn

Pole barns are one of the oldest and simplest construction techniques. They are found in virtually every part of the world.

Construction costs for pole barns are substantially less than using conventional building methods. There are several reasons for the reduction in cost.


• With a pole barn there is no need for a continuous foundation
• A pole barn can usually be built in half the time it takes using conventional methods
• Depending on the size of the pole barn it can usually be built by the homeowner

Building a pole barn is a much easier task than it used to be. There are numerous ready-to-use plans with blueprints available. Builders consider pole construction one of the simplest methods to use.

Before beginning to build a pole barn, check with the local building inspector in order to secure any permits, zoning variances or other waivers needed.

Pole barns are popular because they are an affordable way to build durable shelter for animals or storage without a great deal of effort. Pole buildings cause minimal disruption to the area where they are built.

Poles rooted in the earth forming a frame for the covering material have been used for centuries. The same technique is used today as has been used for years. Pole barns are covered with aluminum, steel and other durable lightweight materials.

Begin building a pole barn with the pole foundation. The foundation of a pole barn begins with a pole that doubles as a framing member. Poles are inserted deep into the ground and anchored by concrete. The holes can by dug by the builder using a post-hole digger or a power auger.

Using a pole foundation gives the building a lot of flexibility. A pole barn can be constructed almost anywhere. Many varied areas, climates, and terrains are suitable for building pole barns. Placement of pole barns on the less than desirable part of the land leaves the better more fertile area for raising crops.

Pole barns can be constructed using inexpensive materials for the roof and sidings. The materials that should not be skimped on are storm clips and trusses, Make sure these are made of very good quality, as these parts of the pole building will carry a considerable amount of weight. Pole barns or other pole buildings will vary in cost depending on the size and the materials used.

Even without strong building experience following simple instructions and plans, these buildings can be ready to use very quickly.


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